Are You ready to change your life?


Our family specializes in assisting matured men and women to find clarity and balance in their health, wellness, and life goals.

We encourage lifestyle not a quick weight loss scheme.  Our family do not believe in cutting corners.


We are a unique player in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to health, wellness, and work/life balance coaching.

Our family incorporate fitness, nutrition, and journaling in our private, online, and group coaching strategies.


We will help you establish concrete foundation for your journey to achieve a balanced lifestyle.  

We are genuinely involved in your coaching because our whole family PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH daily.  


We are an authentic "Fit Family" that will teach you how we maintained our healthy lifestyle despite the daily stresses "LIFE" brings us.

Make the positive lifestyle change you want by getting in touch with us today.

Find out how our "Shredded State Team" can assist YOU in your journey to fulfill a "balanced lifestyle".

  • Are you ready to finally change the quality of your health and life?

  • Are you tired of being “tired” and looking to increase your energy level?

  •  Have you tried lots of different programs, pills, and powders with no results?

  •  Would you like to manage and control your weight? Maybe have a healthier lifestyle?

  • If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

It’s incredible how many people say they would like to live a healthier lifestyle but are not sure where and how to start.  

There is a whole lot of noise in health, wellness and work/life balance coaching going around.  

Most lack the emotional support for the daily stresses you encounter daily in your current lifestyle.


Our family's combined experience, education, and training in psychology, medical, health & wellness,

life coaching, and body building reflects our passion and dedication in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

We are all dedicated to help eliminate your limiting beliefs! 

"WHO YOU ARE TODAY" will not dictate who "YOU CAN BE TOMORROW". 

Our family as the Shredded State Team offers variety of services with positive reinforcements other programs lack.

The reason why You have not achieved your health, wellness, and life goals is because You need a coach and a community

that will be with you in your journey.  

Take a look at some of the services we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.  

We are trained to provide guidance, suggestions, and proven strategies to achieve the balanced lifestyle you deserve.


Adopting a balanced lifestyle starts with an invaluable coach who can provide assistance in daily struggles with:

exercise & food choices, weight loss, emotional and relationship wellness, mind-body-life balance, and non-financial retirement preparation.

Our sessions for your convenience:  Online, Private, Group



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Maria Elizabeth State
Health & Fitness Coach

Looking for a great Health and Fitness Coach who really knows what both your mind and body need?  Maria specializes in helping busy women prepare for life changing events like wedding, photo shoots or individualized weight loss. For many years, Maria has been an influential part of our business, providing clients with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their wellness and fitness goals.

Credentials:  Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Fitness Competitor, and Fitness Model.

Seveny Mae State, Ph.D.

Life & Health Coach

 I specialize in assisting busy adult women ages 35 or older dealing with weight gain, stress, emotional and relationship issues caused by life-changing events such as divorce, transitional life stages, and non-financial retirement preparation.  


Email me if you have any questions:  lifecoachsev@gmail.com


 Credentials: Ph.D. in Philosophy with concentration in Clinical  and Positive Neuropsychology, Bachelors in Psychology with Addiction Concentration,  Robbin-Madanes Trained Life Coach, Certified NLP Master Coach, ISSA Fitness Coach, Nutrition Fitness Specialist; NESTA Certified Holistic Coach.

IFBB Pro Gheorghe State
Health & Fitness Coach

IFBB Pro Gheorghe State is our Professional Fitness Coach and one of our most popular team members, well respected by our staff, clients, and Fitness Athletes alike.

IFBB Pro Gheorghe State specializes in assisting clients prepare for fitness competitions, and individual weight loss and lifestyle management.  He is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle the major attitudes we value greatly at Shredded State Health, Fitness & Life Coaching.



Credentials:  IFBB Professional Body Builder, 2010 & 2015 Fitness Overall Winner and Entrepreneur since 2000.


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