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Train Insane or Remain the Same!

May 21, 2017



"Train Insane or Remain the Same!" This not just our way to motivate clients, we live it! Hardship, Hunger, Aches and Pain it is all part of working towards your goals be it fitness, career, education, or everyday life.  IFBB Pro Gheorghe State worked grueling hours towards his fitness goals while running a solid business in a totally different field, and providing a wealth of experience and financial stability to his family.


Training insane can be done, make it part of your daily routine!  Whenever he started the journey to competitive fitness with NPC in 2010 he chose to include workouts regularly in his daily schedule.  Competing was not just about going on stage, having a beautiful physique, working out everyday, and trophies.  To our family it was a total remake of our lifestyle.  The first two years was horrible for everyone involved; from the adults, friends, and family things were changing quicker than we expected.  People we called "friends and family" became strangers in our new lifestyle.  Our children and myself went through stages of denial, doubt, and despair to total dedication.


There was a love-hate relationship with food and exercise within our home.  Awareness to what we partake on was unbelievable. We discovered that 80% of this journey was not about "Food" and 20% was "Exercise".  Everyone in our family realized the effects of food as a substance and how anyone including us have had a horrible addictive reaction to food and violent tendencies to hunger!  The hardest part of improving your health and fitness was "Food"!!!!  We gave up in moderation but Gheorghe dropped everything that is not on his food program "cold turkey".  


Exercise Insanely and you would get results, but with the wrong combination of food the outcome would be a mediocre.  This has been proven over and over again.  Yes, anyone can over train! Over Cardio is a dieter's solution to quick weight loss that results to sagging skin, and overall unsightly body physique that will end up in surgery to fix yet another problem.


Anyone has choices on how to proceed with their personal journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Either you lose quick and easy and have problems after like the skin sagging, become obsessed with both exercise and food and go through a roller coaster ride of partaking yo yo diets or dedicating yourself to get to know your body, your limitations, or make it simple and adopt a lifestyle.


As for my family, We adopted a lifestyle!


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